Saturday, 12 May 2007

Invitation to residents

Here is a novel method of presenting information of interest to the residents and managers of the Glengara Retirement Village.
Please let us have your comments on how you might find this service useful.


Anonymous said...

In the absence of a website dedicated to the interests of the residents, this facilty will be useful to alert residents to events or changes of practice they need to know about.

john LM said...

As a resident of Glengara Village over the last 6 years it would be a retrograde step to change a staff member who is so in tune with the residents. A majority of people would not want to talk about their problems with the replacement. Why disrupt a happy family.

john LM said...

Time has passed and the new management are starting to make changes hopefully for the benifit of those who will use them

John Lord said...

I am sad that our sales personality Muriel has been transferred to Taragal Glen. I guess they need her skills there more than here.
Huia tells me the move is only temporary so I hope it is not too long before we see her friendly smiling face again, encouraging prospects to join our growing Glengara Community.
Muriel is one of our Glengara family.

Tommy Thomas said...

Hello fellow residents
The HarpDivas - - are coming to Glengara on 7th October.
Seats are going fast so please enter your booking in the Country Club.

john lm said...

At last there is some movment in the Country Club. The computer room is being moved upstairs to a larger room with proper bench's and other facilities that we have benn looking forward to implimate.
As usual there is no clear time as to when this will happen but all indications are in the next few weeks.

Tommy Thomas said...

The NBN network is arriving soon here in the village. Please post your requirements.